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Richard's expertise in cooking combined with years at John Toveys Miller Howe Country House Hotel working alongside Robert Lyons and Gaulton Blackiston have provided Richard with a wealth of knowledge. Take a look at how he comes up with his recipes and pick up some essential tips through

​Whether it’s a private or Charter yacht, Private island or event, you can be sure of 100% guaranteed service and culinary adventure. Even in the most remote places, I'm here to make your experience flawless

Luxury Yacht Charters



As an experienced super yacht chef, Chef Richard is available for charters worldwide. It is not unusual for him to jump on a plane to meet the vessel many thousands of miles away, remotely organize provisions and cook dinner on arrival.  That’s what he does and nothing is impossible!


During yacht charters his menus are extremely flexible and he aims to exceed the client’s expectations every time. He always allow for unexpected treats when the opportunity arises. For instance, if the charter guests spend the morning fishing or diving and return to the yacht with fresh fish or lobster, 


I may offer a buffet of freshly prepared sushi for lunch and lobster for dinner. Similarly, if charter guests go ashore and discover a bustling market full of local delicacies like local cheeses, cured meats or exotic fruits.


 I am always prepared to turn them into hors d’oeuvres to be enjoyed during cocktail hour at sunset. I work closely with the captain and crew to organize each day’s meals around the client’s chosen activities.


There is no rushing to finish breakfast in time for snorkeling, and no need to hurry back from a day at the beach in time for dinner. When the client is ready, the meal will be served.

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